Our Sunrise™ EPR solution enables you to keep your existing PAS while adding other key EPR functionality. It is a low-risk, NHS-proven solution that helps improve outcomes, powered by the Altera Platform of Health.

Regional digital transformation can’t wait for huge rip-and-replace projects. Our approach means you reduce the associated cost and disruption. And you can be up and running with clinical systems and sharing information across your integrated care system quickly, with faster, more accurate patient data at the point of care with a single, unified user experience. 

Why choose Sunrise EPR?



Only replace what you need. Produce the most value by implementing the clinical modules in your strategy as steadily and efficiently as needed. Not only is this more cost-effective, but it also takes significant pressure off the organisation in terms of deployment effort and change. 


Speed to value

Our Sunrise blueprint provides a launchpad for trusts to accelerate their configuration journey, saving time in design and development whilst also embedding lessons learned from other NHS sites. This means you don’t need to wait 5 or 10 years to see tangible benefits. 



Clinicians work in conjunction with Human-Centred Design principles drive the development of our solutions, which enables us to deliver what clinical users need at the point of care with minimal training required. 


Deploy in five months

We have proven that an EPR can be implemented efficiently in months, not years, without any compromise on quality, safety or usability at trusts like Gloucestershire and Medway,  who are reaping EPR benefits sooner rather than later.

We’re Altera. We see the summit of what healthcare can – and should – be.

Almost 40% of our associates in the UK have experience working for the NHS. This means, we understand your challenges and are well placed to support your teams through every step of their journeys to deliver the best possible patient care and provide a fast, flexible route to digital maturity.

“Our nurses spend 25% more time caring for patients -an extra two hours on a typical shift, and a saving of £1.5m per year across 42 wards.

- CDIO, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


“The EPR is transforming our workflows and is already having a positive impact on patient safety.”

- Consultant Surgeon, and Clinical Lead for EPR, Medway NHS Foundation Trust.


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How digital change became cultural change at Medway NHS Foundation Trust

Medway NHS Foundation Trust recently went live with its EPR, deploying in less than five months during a time when the trust was experiencing intense pandemic pressures.

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