The Altera Operational Capacity Management (OCM) Solution enables ICS System Flow teams to understand the status of patients in their care and what might be blocking their care pathway. It prompts action and enables faster coordination of patient movement and discharges across the care providers within an ICS, freeing up crucial beds.

How can the Altera OCM Solution help your ICS? 


Proactive management of discharges and transfers.


Visibility of bottlenecks and blocks to patient flow.


A single source of truth for the whole ICS team.


Improved patient experience and outcomes.

A comprehensive dashboard enables data to be integrated from all care settings including acute, community, mental health and social care, ensuring a system-wide view of patient information. Patient Flow teams have the ability to seamlessly delve into individual patient profiles with on-the-go-accessibility. In addition, the mobile friendly interface enables convenient access to patient information anytime, anywhere facilitating swift decision-making and proactive care management. 

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Book a meeting with one of our experts