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Altera Patient
Flow™ with
Census Logic

Ensure your patients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right location.

Altera Patient Flow with Census Logic is an integrated suite of solutions for bed management, housekeeping and portering operations, and with powerful predictive analytics, it helps optimise capacity planning and discharge forecasting. It automates complex processes to improve patient throughput and communication, while increasing overall efficiency and resource utilisation. The solution addresses all aspects of patient flow and provides various teams and leaders the information they need to make data-driven decisions.


Patient Flow with Census Logic enables users to:

Avoid A&E bottlenecks, delays, overcrowding and diversions


Decompresses the A&E department by improving inpatient flow through increased visibility and better management of discharges and internal transfers.


Reduce cold beds/housekeeping delays


Automates notifications to housekeeping, eliminating delays experienced when relying on admission, discharge,
transfer (ADT) notifications and/or manual processes.


Limit delays/misplacement rates


Ensures patients are placed in the right bed at the right time, to help optimise capacity and patient outcomes.


Strengthen intra-departmental transport communication


Transfer Centres can capture relevant information on callers and patients and determine bed availability across multiple facilities of a health system, increase efficiency, optimise system-wide bed utilisation and increase acceptance rates and limit delays.


Support proactive approach to patient flow 


Expedites patient throughput to enable fast patient discharge by providing real-time insight into bed status, bed availability and patient movement.


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